Top Ten Most Popular Developer Links for the Week of February 13, 2017

We here on the Visual Studio team keep track of what blog posts, articles, videos and other links are trending in our community. Below you’ll find last week’s top 10 most popular links for the developer community, enjoy!

  1. Happy 15th Birthday .NET! Thank you all for building incredible software over the years!  by Beth Massi
  2. Running SQL Server + ASP.Net Core in a container on Linux in Azure Container Service on Docker Swarm Mahesh M Kshirsagar
  3. Targeting the Windows Subsystem for Linux from Visual Studio by Marc Goodner
  4. Happy Birthday .NET with Anders Hejlsberg featuring Anders Hejlsberg
  5. Interactive Development in C# featuring Seth Juarez
  6. On .NET: Phil Haack – GitHub featuring Phil Haack
  7. MS Dev Show Episode 138: 3D Web Using Babylon JS featuring David Catuhe
  8. Delivery Plans and mobile work item form – Jan 25 by Aaron Bjork
  9. How to make an offline installer for VS2017 by Scott Hanselman
  10. Visual Studio Toolbox: Extensions in Visual Studio 2017 featuring Justin Clareburt