Top Ten Most Popular Developer Links for the Week of January 9, 2017

We here on the Visual Studio team keep track of what blog posts, articles, videos and other links are trending in our community. Below you’ll find last week’s top 10 most popular links for the developer community, enjoy!

  1. Improvements to Bash on Windows and the Windows Console featuring Rich Turner
  2. The week in .NET – On .NET with Glenn Versweyveld, Protobuf.NET, Arizona Sunshine by Bertrand Le Roy
  3. SQL Server + Python: what’s new featuring Meet Bhagdev
  4. An Angular 2 Tree With CRUD Functionality by Michael Washington
  5. Cortana Intelligence overview featuring Seayoung Rhee
  6. Open-source Power BI visuals featuring Lukasz Pawlowski
  7. Embed visual analytics in customer-facing apps featuring Lukasz Pawlowski
  8. Use an Integrated Shell Console Terminal in VS Code by Steve Smith
  9. Manual & Exploratory testing featuring Ravi Shanker
  10. Visual Studio Toolbox: SQL Server Extension for Visual Studio Code featuring Eric Kang