Top Ten Most Popular Developer Links for the Week of December 26, 2016

We here on the Visual Studio team keep track of what blog posts, articles, videos and other links are trending in our community. Below you’ll find last week’s top 10 most popular links for the developer community, enjoy!

  1. SQL Server on Linux: overview featuring Travis Wright
  2. Create great looking, fast, mobile apps using JavaScript, Angular 2, and Ionic 2
  3. What’s new in Entity Framework Core featuring Rowan Miller
  4. Get Started with .NET Framework and Docker featuring Glenn Condron
  5. Code Style Configuration in the VS2017 RC Update by Kasey Uhlenhuth
  6. Database Continuous Integration and Deployment with Visual Studio SQL Server Data Tools in < 10 minutes featuring Eric Kang
  7. Unleash the power of SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL database temporal tables by Johan Åhlén
  8. What’s new for Unity developers? featuring Jb Evain
  9. Connect(“demos”); // 2016: BikeSharing360 on GitHub by Erika Ehrli Cabral
  10. CMake support in Visual Studio 2017 featuring Marian Luparu