Top Ten Most Popular Developer Links for the Week Of July 11th, 2016

We here on the Visual Studio team keep track of what blog posts, articles, videos and other links are trending in our community. Below you’ll find last week’s top 10 most popular links for the developer community, enjoy!

  1. Enhancing Your Mobile Application with Machine Learning featuring John Pelak
  2. KOF-K Kosher Supervision: Keeping kosher gets a boost from mobile technology by Microsoft Customer Stories
  3. Announcing TypeScript 2.0 Beta by Daniel Rosenwasser
  4. Team Services Plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio 1.0 Release by Leah Antkiewicz
  5. How exception filters can help you investigate runtime errors in C# by Abhishek Sur
  6. NuGet Deep Dive: Accelerating your .NET Development featuring Harikrishna Menon
  7. Developer Assistant now supports C++ by Anuj Jain
  8. Debugging Tips and Tricks for C++ in Visual Studio by Andrew Hall
  9. Where’s DNVM? Safely running multiple versions of the .NET Core SDK and Tooling with global.json by Scott Hanselman
  10. Monitoring Your Mobile Apps in the Wild featuring Greg Shackles