TechEd North America 2014

It’s been an amazing week in Houston, TX, where I’ve had the pleasure to attend and present at TechEd North America 2014. Below you’ll find all the sessions I was involved with, and ill be sure to link/embed the videos as they become available on Channel9.

The one exception is the pre-conference on Modernizing WPF apps, unfortunately that was not recorded but you can see a similar version of this course which Robert and I hosted on Microsoft Virtual Academy earlier in the year, you can find it here. (it’s not exactly the same content, but it has a lot of similarities)

PRC04 Modernizing Windows Presentation Foundation Line-of-Business Applications

Sorry – no video recording is available of pre-conference sessions

What is next on everyone’s list these days? Learn how to modernize your line-of-business (LOB) applications for multiple devices. Attend this seminar to learn how to move .NET client LOB applications forward without having to start from scratch with new technologies. Learn about Microsoft’s devices and services strategy, what it means for you and how your existing applications fit in. In this seminar, learn best practices for using a services architecture. See how and why to move your LOB applications to Microsoft Azure, how to use third-party controls to add a modern look and feel and how to provide your users the ability to use LOB apps on a variety of devices, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone. And, do all of this using Visual Studio 2013 and your existing XAML skills!

This session is for you if you have questions like the following: How can I take advantage of asynchronous programming and MVVM? How do I develop applications based on a services architecture? How do I move existing data and services to Azure? How do I authenticate users of Azure-based cloud services? How do I make my cloud services call internal services that are not in the cloud? What tools can help me build modern looking WPF LOB apps? Can I ensure that my users can access my LOB apps from many devices, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

DEV-B211 Getting Started with Visual Studio Online


Visual Studio Online ( brings together Microsoft Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, and Microsoft Azure into an easy-to-consume cloud-hosted solution for application lifecycle management.

In this demo-heavy session, we start from scratch and quickly build up a solution for managing our Git repository, inviting some friends to collaborate, planning and tracking our backlog, building our project in the cloud, and load testing our solution using the cloud-based load testing capabilities. You are invited to bring your laptop and follow along to get your own project up and running by the time you leave this session. Also, learn the similarities and differences between Visual Studio Online and the on-premises offering of Team Foundation Server, to help you decide when to use each

DEV-B327 Windows Desktop Development: A Panel Discussion


Come talk desktop development with the product teams. Meet members of the teams and ask your desktop development questions about C++, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft .NET, and more.