Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 – CTP 1

With only 18 days since Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 went RTM the product team has already delivered on the promise of rapid feature delivery and early preview with a release of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2, CTP 1!

Before you install this update please read this: This Community Technology Preview has not been subject to final validation and is not meant to be run on production workstations or servers. (this release has no go-live license!)

Download & KB

To get started with this release download the installers and read the KB articles using the links below:

Blog Posts on 2013.2 CTP 1 features

To learn more about this releases features please see the various blog posts below that I have consolidated to make it easier to find from one place:

Did I miss any blog posts or other good references? Let me know by posting a comment

Known Issues

With this preview release there is at least one already known issues that you should look at before testing the release, more info:

  • If you work with LightSwitch projects don’t install Update 2 CTP 1 for Visual Studio 2013, more info here

(and hey… that’s why the product team releases “previews”, so that they catch problems before RTM)

Related Downloads

Also if you’re testing Microsoft’s Application Insights service or are thinking of doing so please be sure to check out the recently released VS 2013 Preview Extension: Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio on the extension gallery.

Description: “You can now add Application Insights telemetry right from Visual Studio to new or existing projects in 2 clicks or less”

Do note that this is an early preview version of the extensions and therefore it has limited functionality and known issues. It will of course improve over time as that team gets closer to the final v1 release.